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I have a label in a master page (sample.master) called lblHeading.

I want to dynamically change the text of the label when I load the content page.

I need to do this because I want to change the heading to something meaningful but only after I know about the content of the page.

Is this possible?

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You want to create a strongly-type master page and you can then access it's properties from your content page during Page_Load or wherever else.

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yes, you can in this very simple way........

((Label)Master.FindControl("lblHeading")).Text = "your new text";
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You can create a public property in the masterpage that will change the label.

public string Heading
        lblHeading.text = value;

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Yes, it is possible. MasterPage behaves just like UserControl in your page.

Possible steps to implement this:

  1. Create a property or method on the MasterPage that enables you to make changes to the Label. E.g.:

    public void ChangeLabel(string label) {
      lblHeading.Text = label;
  2. From your Page, get the reference to the MasterPage by using the Page.Master property.

  3. Call the method defined in step 1 to change the MasterPage contents.

Additional info: You may need to cast Page.Master into your MasterPage type, try Coding the Wheel's link for instructions on how to do that.

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Additional info: you may need to cast Page.Master into your MasterPage type, try Coding the Wheel's link for instruction over how to do that. –  Adrian Godong Jul 19 '09 at 11:23

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