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I have to validate form values as integers.

I have tried something like this:

<cfloop collection="#form#">
 <cfif form.value eq int(form.value)>
  #form.value# is an integer

It works as long the user does not input comma as the decimal separator, which is the default way of doing this here in Germany.

I have to use CF MX 6.1.

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It would also probably help to look into the Internatational functions that are available. LSParseNumber(), for instance.

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Wow. I looked at the list of LS functions and completely overlooked that one. – Ben Doom Jul 20 '09 at 14:22

You may, if you like, desensitize the input first.

<cfset var comma = ",">
<cfset var period = ".">
<cfset form.value = replace(form.value, comma, period, "all")>

But, if all you need is to verify if a field is an integer, why don't you look at CFLib.org - IsInt ?

* Checks to see if a var is an integer.
* version 1.1 - mod by Raymond Camden
* @param varToCheck      Value you want to validate as an integer.
* @return Returns a Boolean.
* @author Nathan Dintenfass (nathan@changemedia.com)
* @version 1.1, April 10, 2002
function isInt(varToCheck){
return isNumeric(varToCheck) and round(varToCheck) is vartoCheck;
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Like Al Everett, I recommend using the locale specific functions:

<!--- actually *setting* the desired locale is mandatory for this to work --->
<cfset SetLocale("German (Standard)")>

  <!--- loop the FieldNames list so only real posted values are handled --->
  <cfloop list="#FORM.FieldNames#" index="FieldName">
    <cfif LSIsNumeric(FORM[FieldName])>
      <cfset num = LSParseNumber(FORM[FieldName])>
      <!--- do stuff with #num# --->
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