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I want to create a CMS use HTML5, when the index execute, it loads header, container and footer. I use following code to do this


It works, however, I would like to bind some event handlers into no matter header,container or footer, of course, the same handler like $('a').click(...) for each a tag in header, container, and footer. And of course I can bind three success functions for each loader, but I think it's not a good way. Is there some way to check if every load event finished?

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There's a number of ways to approach this:

Delagation to containers

This is the simplest approach by far. Any existing or future <a> tags within the containers will attain the functionality of the specified click handler.

    $('#header, #container, #footer').on('click', 'a', function() {


Failure of any of the .load() actions will not affect the others.

Named function

With this approach the same named function is specified as the 'complete' callback for all three .load() calls.

$(function() {
    function bindHandler() {
        $(this).find("a").on('click', function() {

    $('#header').load("header.html", bindHandler);
    $('#container').load("container.html", bindHandler);
    $('#footer').load("footer.html", bindHandler);

Again, failure of any of the .load() actions will not affect the others.


In this approach, .load() is replaced with $.ajax, which returns a very handy 'jqXHR' (promise) object. .load() can't be used in this way as it returns a standard jQuery object; it's promise object is inaccessible.

function load(url, selector) {
    //make ajax request and return jqXHR (promise) object
    return $.ajax(url, {
        success: function(data){

    load("header.html", '#header'),
    load("container.html", '#container'),
    load("footer.html)", '#footer')
).done(function() {
    // All three ajax requests have successfully completed
    $("#header, #container, #footer").find("a").on('click', function() {

This last approach should be used only if the click handler is to be put in place when all three load actions are successful. Failure of any one of the .load() actions will completely inhibit attachment of the click handler.

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Downvoters - why no comments? Have the courage of your convictions. If there's something I can learn then let me learn it. – Beetroot-Beetroot Jul 16 '12 at 16:49

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