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I have the following repo Interface with the FindBy method taking in a predicate

 public interface IRepo<T> where T : class
    IList<T> GetAll();
    IList<T> FindBy(Expression<Func<T, bool>> predicate);
    void Add(T entity);
    void Edit(T entity);

I am trying to test that my controller does in fact call this method. Here is my controller code

  // GET:/Assets/EditAssets
    public PartialViewResult EditAsset(Guid id)
        var asset = _assetRepo.FindBy(ass => ass.Id == id).FirstOrDefault();

        if (asset == null)
            return PartialView("NotFound");

        return PartialView("EditAsset", asset);

and here is my test method

    public void editAsset_EmptyRepo_CheckRepoCalled()
        var id = Guid.NewGuid();

        var stubAssetRepo = MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<Asset>>();
        stubAssetRepo.Stub(x => x.FindBy(ass => ass.Id == id)).Return(new List<Asset> {new Asset()});

        var adminAssetsControler = new AdminAssetsController(stubAssetRepo, MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<AssetModel>>(), MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<AssetSize>>(), MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<AssetType>>(), MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<Dept>>(), MockRepository.GenerateStub<IRepo<Device>>());

        var result = adminAssetsControler.EditAsset(id);

        stubAssetRepo.AssertWasCalled(rep => rep.FindBy(ass => ass.Id == id));

But I am getting an argumentNullException. I have done this kinda of test before on methods that don't predicates and it works fine. So what is going on with this one?

Is there a good way to set up this kind of test?

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First of all to avoid the Null reference exception you could just use IgnoreArguments():

stubAssetRepo.Stub(x => x.FindBy(null)).Return(new List<Asset> {new Asset()}).IgnoreArguments()

The thing is that you might want to verify the lambda passed to the FindBy method, and it's argument. You could do this by using WhenCalled() method which you can forward the lambda to another method as explained here.
The complete code would look something like:

                stubAssetRepo.Stub(x => x.FindBy(null)).Return(new List<Asset> {new Asset()}).
    IgnoreArguments().WhenCalled(invocation => FindByVerification((Expression<Func<Asset, bool>>)invocation.Arguments[0]));

            var result = adminAssetsControler.EditAsset(id);


        public void FindByVerification(Expression<Func<Asset, bool>> predicate)
            // Do your FindBy verification here, by looking into
            // the predicate arguments or even structure
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