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When calling this command, AI crashes on AI 5.1/6 32bit and 64bit versions. I can use the command from the menu. Has anyone encountered this? does anyone know of a work around?

The full code.

    function exportFileToJPEG (dest) {
    if ( app.documents.length > 0 ) {

        activeDocument.fitArtboardToSelectedArt()//crashes here

        var exportOptions = new ExportOptionsJPEG();
        var type = ExportType.JPEG;
        var fileSpec = new File(dest);
        exportOptions.antiAliasing = true;
        exportOptions.qualitySetting = 70;
        app.activeDocument.exportFile( fileSpec, type, exportOptions );
var file_name = 'some eps file.eps'
var eps_file = File(file_name)

var fileRef = eps_file;

if (fileRef != null) {
    var optRef = new OpenOptions();
    optRef.updateLegacyText = true;
    var docRef = open(fileRef, DocumentColorSpace.RGB, optRef);

exportFileToJPEG ("output_file.jpg")
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I can reproduce the bug with AI CS5.

It seems that fitArtboardToSelectedArt() takes the index of an artboard as an optional parameter. When the parameter is set, Illustrator doesn't crash. (probably a bug in the code handling the situation of no parameter passed)

As a workaround you could use:


to pass the index of the active artboard with to the function. Hope this works for you too.

Also it's good practice to never omit the semicolon at the end of a statement.

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