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Is it possible to use literal strings when instantiating a datetime type? (If no, skip) If so, does the - need to be a /? If that doesn't matter, please tell me what's wrong with this:

var data = new google.visualization.DataTable({cols:[{label: 'date', type: 'datetime'}, {label: 'power', type: 'number'}], rows: [{c: [{v:2007/12/01 00:12:00},{v:0}]}, {c: [{v:2007/12/01 01:12:00},{v:101}]}, {c: [{v:2007/12/01 02:12:00},{v:201}]}, {c: [{v:2007/12/01 03:12:00},{v:302}]}]});

(I already tried quoting literal datetimes.) -Shawn

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You might have to put it in Epoch format. try something like this

new Date("#epoch_seconds_go_here");

Here is the link that might help you

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it does need to be instantiated, yes. –  Shown Jul 18 '12 at 19:15

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