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So here's what the application.css.scss file looks like:

// require_tree .

body { color: red; }

And there are 3 other css files in the app/assets/stylesheets/ directory.

The output? A single stylesheet tag in head, pointing at an uncompressed application.css.

Oddly enough the JavaScript is doing just fine, requiring all it needs.

I've checked this repository vs other repositories: No difference as far as I can tell in config variables

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I believe you're missing an =. Try this:

 *= require_tree .

body {
  color: red;
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One of the functions of the asset pipeline is the lump all the css into one file. Is there some styles which are not working as a result of the compilation?

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The 'in one file' only happens on compression. This is in development mode. –  krainboltgreene Jul 16 '12 at 17:48

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