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I would like to set new password as blank when changing password using changepassword control. To supprt this scenario I have removed required field validator and compare validators from the changepassword control, it still fires

 ChangePassword1_ChangePasswordError(object sender, EventArgs e) event.  

I am using custom membership provider and so at first time of logon user may have his/her password as blank.In Login Control I have removed required field validator for the password field, which works well and authenticates the user. but the changepassord control does'nt.

I have tried calling

MembershipProvider.ChangePassword(ChangePassword1.UserName, ChangePassword1.CurrentPassword, ChangePassword1.NewPassword) 

from ChangePassword1_ChangingPassword event. This works but all the validations will not take place.

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After reading the code from reflector tool, I found that ChangePassword Control calls

private void AttemptChangePassword()
    if ((user != null) && user.ChangePassword(this.CurrentPasswordInternal,newPasswordInternal, false))

In the above method user.ChangePassword() returns false when old or new password are null or blank. So to overcome this issue you can extend MembershipUser class and override ChangePassword method as below.

public override bool ChangePassword(string oldPassword, string newPassword)
    return true;

On doing this we can pass blank passwords in the password fields.

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