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I'm newvbie in ruby on rails.. I'm having problem with gsub.. I everytime I go to the list of my store page it says "undefined method `gsub' for nil:NilClass"..

here is mycode :

def self.search(search_val, page = 1)
    @search_val = search_val.gsub("'", "\\\\'")
    search_query = "store_id LIKE '%#{ @search_val }%' OR english_name LIKE '%#{ @search_val }%' OR chinese_name LIKE '%#{ @search_val }%'"
select("jos_store.id, store_id, english_name, chinese_name, store_manager, delivery_area,year, week").joins("LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT id as store_replenishment, store, MAX(stock_movement) AS stock_movement FROM jos_store_replenishment GROUP BY store) AS replenishment ON replenishment.store = jos_store.id").joins("LEFT OUTER JOIN jos_stock_movement ON jos_stock_movement.id = replenishment.stock_movement").where(search_query).order("year DESC, week DESC").paginate :page => page, :per_page => 15  

thanks in advance

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A good practice is doing .to_s when you are using string methods.

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thanks guys but I already figure out the answer... i put a " unless search_val.blank? " before my gsub eg. unless search_val.blank? @search_val = search_val.gsub("'", "\\\\'") –  Newbie Jul 18 '12 at 9:21
Why the owner does not mark one of the Answers as actually accepted answer? At least, the explanations really worked for me! –  Agat Oct 3 '13 at 16:43

This means that search_val is in fact nil. You can easily verify this by printing out the value of search_val.

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