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I am trying to create a directory in Java. I think I have provided correctly all necessary things so that I make the directory, but it is not created. You can see from my code below and the corresponding output that every element from which I compose the path of the new directory should be correct and valid. It seems, however, that tDir.mkdir(); is not doing anything, and therefore the success variable is always false. I cannot understand why. Thank you in advance.

System.out.println("experimentDir: " + experimentDir);
System.out.println("item.getName(): " + item.getName());
System.out.println("dirName: " + dirName);
String tDirStr = experimentDir + "/" + item.getName() + "All/" 
    + dirName + "DataAll";
System.out.println("tDirStr: " + tDirStr);
File tDir = new File(tDirStr);
if (tDir.exists()) {
} else {
      boolean success = tDir.mkdir();
      if(success) {
            System.out.println("Dir created");
      } else {
            System.out.println("No dir created!");


 experimentDir: /home/Documents/datasets/test-experiments
 item.getName(): PosNegReviews
 dirName: test
 tDirStr: /home/Documents/datasets/test-experiments/PosNegReviewsAll/testDataAll
 No dir created!
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If you want to create multiple (nested) directories you should use mkdirs() (note the s).

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you may be needing to create any parent directory that dont exist. try File.mkdirs().

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And double check directory permissions along the path. – akarnokd Jul 19 '09 at 13:17
public class Test1{
    public static void main(String[] args)
        String path="c:\\dir1\\dir2\\dir3\\dir4";
        File dir=new File(path);

above code will create dir4 inside C:\dir1\dir2\dir3. If parent folder does not exist, then it will also create.

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