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I have a string containing mathematical expression like:

strExpression= a+b+tan(a)+tan(b)+a+b

I want to replace this expression with values of a and b(say a=10,b=20) so that it become:


But when I use Regex.Replace I get:


How can I replace the values of a and b at correct places.

I have filterd out MatchCollection object that contains:

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Can you show us the regex you've tried? –  Shai Jul 16 '12 at 5:40

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You can use word boundary \b before and after the variable name (e.g. \ba\b for variable a and \bb\b for variable b) to match the variable in the expression.

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Use boundary \b:

\b    The match must occur on a boundary 
      between a \w (alphanumeric) and a \W (nonalphanumeric) character.

for example:


result is

"them theme" "them them" in "them theme them them" 

so that use:

Regex.Replace(inputString, @"(\bb\b)", "20");
Regex.Replace(inputString, @"(\ba\b)", "10");
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Thanks it worked.. –  Saurabh Kumar Jul 16 '12 at 6:18
@user1527958: Resolved question? –  Ria Jul 16 '12 at 6:21
string expression = "strExpression= a+b+tan(a)+tan(b)+a+b";
expression = Regex.Replace(expression, @"\ba\b", "10");
expression = Regex.Replace(expression, @"\bb\b", "20");
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Try to be more specific in your regex rather than just replacing the values. Here are some rules which describes whether a character captured is variable or not

  1. Variable must have binary operator(+,-,*,/) and optinally spaces to its right(if start) ,to its left(if end) or on both side. It can also have paranethis around it if passed in function. So create a regex which satisfies these all conditions
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You can do with this:

Regex Example

And then use the same way for b with replacement of 20

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