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I'm on a late development of an app which has several UIWebViews pointing to different services, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, showing the app brand page.

The strange thing is since the last week Facebook page is not working, and I see from logs that it's redirecting fine but finally it just show a white page. I've also tried to open other public pages with no results, but opening a personal page works...

If I try to open the page in Safari it just works fine, so I'm clueless.

Just one more thing, I'm not formatting the URL in any way, just setting it up as http://www.facebook.com/nameofthepage or https://www.facebook.com/nameofthepage

I tend to think that this is either a cookie problem in UIWebView or a Facebook redirect problem, but I can't find a good solution

Thanks for your help

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It looks like finally it was a redirecting problem on Facebook, it's not been reproduced anymore.

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