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I have used the [Authorize] attribute in an ASP.NET Web API method

public IEnumerable<User> GetAllUsers()

From the application I can access this method without a problem as my user is already authenticated. However, is there any way that I can specify the username, password to this method when calling so that I can implement a REST API? This is when calling from a standalone application or the browser.

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I didn't entirely understand your question but System.Web.Http.AuthorizeAttribute checks against Thread.CurrentPrincipal to see if the user is authorized or not.

You can specifically give user permissions if you want as below:

[Authorize(Users = "User1")]
public IEnumerable<User> GetAllUsers()

But the Authentication process is entirely up to you. I would recommend authenticating the user through a message handler and then populating the Thread.CurrentPrincipal there. Then, use the AuthorizeAttribute as you see fit for your application.

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I actually implemented a custom authorization based on the method header, So any 3rd party user can also be authenticated. – Amila De Silva Aug 2 '12 at 5:10

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