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How to find top 2 salaries in each department in emp table?

Emp Table
Row_id Salary Dept 
R1       2000    D1
R2       3000    D1
R3       4000    D1
R4       5000    D1
R5       2000    D2
R6       3000    D2
R7       4000    D2
R8       5000    D2
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    row_number() over (partition by dept order by salary desc) as sno,
from emp
) t 
where sno<=2
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please try this

select T1.Dept,T2.Salary  
from Emp_Table T1  join Emp_Table T2
on T1.Dept=T2.Dept
and T1.Salary>=T2.Salary
group by T1.Dept,T2.Salary 
having COUNT(*) <=2
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This may be time cousuming for large table – Madhivanan Jul 16 '12 at 6:37
ROW_ID is unique so this query won't return any rows. If you join on DEPT instead, you'll get some results but it will be much less efficient than the analytic function version. – Justin Cave Jul 16 '12 at 6:40
@JustinCave: thanks for your comment.. I have changed my query to join on Dept. I dint test my query earlier. Now I have verified the result. When I saw this post , there was already and answer with row_number() function. Thats why I gave a different solution. And regarding the performance ,I dont think there the a huge difference, As I am using same kind of query against pretty large tables, which just runs fine.. – Joe G Joseph Jul 16 '12 at 7:38

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