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I am using Eclipse "Indigo". I made a Java Project with the following Structure:
Hibernate (Project Name)
Referenced Libraries
JRE System Libraries

Now when I am running my code its showing error "/hibernate.cfg.xml not found"
Is there a way to set a path for hibernate configuration file??

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Its obviously a wrong setup. You can get a detailed explanations by searching in google how to setup eclipse to work with hibernate. There are even video tutorials about this. Like this one :)

Good luck

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Thanks Mate, These tutorials are really helpful :) –  gauravoli Oct 30 '12 at 12:29

You must put hibernate.cfg.xml into src directory (in the same folder that your packages or class).


In addition, in eclipse you can define a resources directory, add it to the path and put there the hibernate.cfg.xml

I hope help you. Marcos

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hibernate.cfg.xml has to be in your classpath. So create a source folder (like your src) and put it there. Like this:
1. Create a source folder named "properties"
2. Put your hibernate.cfg.xml there
3. Give properties/hibernate.cfg.xml address in your application.
4. If you are using this hibernate configuration file in your XML files, you have to use this address: classpath:properties/hibernate.cfg.xml

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