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The default android proguard.cfg file doesn't specify any -injars or an -outjars option, and I haven't found any documentation on what -outjars' output should be. On the other hand, the ProGuard site provides an android sample that includes -injars and -outjars. Which one should I follow?

I did a bit of searching, and I found a file, $ANDROID_SDK/tools/proguard/examples/android.pro, which states:

# This ProGuard configuration file illustrates how to process Android
# applications.
# Usage:
#     java -jar proguard.jar @android.pro
# If you're using the Android SDK (version 2.3 or higher), the android tool
# already creates a file like this in your project, called proguard.cfg.
# It should contain the settings of this file, minus the input and output paths
# (-injars, -outjars, -libraryjars, -printmapping, and -printseeds).
# The generated Ant build file automatically sets these paths.

# Specify the input jars, output jars, and library jars.
# Note that ProGuard works with Java bytecode (.class),
# before the dex compiler converts it into Dalvik code (.dex).

Which, I assume, answers my question.

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Upon doing a little digging, I found the answer, which I posted in the update.

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