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When I click on button need to read the PDF file in windows phone 7, I am saving the PDF file in a folder and given the specified path in Database.

How can I read the PDF document on a windows phone 7?

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There are 3 ways to open PDF file on Windows Phone:

  1. Use "native" PDF viewer - Adobe Reader

    To do that, you need a location URI of your PDF file, and then you can either use the HyperlinkButton

    <HyperlinkButton Content="Click here to open PDF"
        NavigateUri="URI of your PDF" TargetName="_blank" Margin="10,60,0,0"/>

    or you could use the WebBrowser task to browse to the PDF which will invoke the PDF viewer:

    WebBrowserTask browser = new WebBrowserTask();
    browser.URL = "URI of your PDF";
  2. Use ComponentOne control for viewing PDFs


    This will cost you some money, but should work OK.

  3. Write your own control for rendering PDFs :)))
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One thing that surely won't work well is loading a browser and passing the base64 encoded PDF (with more than 2048 characters) as the URL using the data url format (data:application/pdf;base64,askduerysdkjfhsf=) –  Menno Bieringa Mar 21 '13 at 3:44

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