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I'm working with ObjectDataSource and FormView control.

In ObjectDataSource I have a type specified, and a method that performs Insert operation. However, once Insert is done, I would like to redirect the user to other page, and I need ID of newly created/persisted object.

So in FormView:


handler I need to access that ID. But how to pass that id gracefully from ObjectDataSource level? I could use


inside ObjectDataSource handling object, but I don't like it, as my handling type do not know anything about ASP .NET (separation of concerns?).


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Have you tried something simple like this:

In your Data object

Update your insert method configured in the ObjectDataSource control to return the generated ID:

public int Insert(string firstName, int lastname)
    // return the ID generated by the insert command
    return 4;

ASPX code behind

And that's it, in your page where you are handling the Inserted event:

protected void ods_Inserted(object sender, ObjectDataSourceStatusEventArgs e)
    var res = e.ReturnValue.ToString();
    this.lblMessage.Text = res;
    // add your cool additional logic and redirect stuff
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