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.long   2
.long   0x54410001

.long   (1f - .) >> 2
.long   0x54410009

I was just going through a boot wrapper code for ARM .The section where ATAG Tag is defined,I am not able to understand the instruction :

.long (1f - .) >> 2

what does this instruction do?

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Not an ARM expert, but in other assemblers this would mean

1f = address of the next label (1 forward)
. = current location

1f - . would then be the distance (in bytes) to the next label

If you divide this by 4 (>> 2), you get the distance in longs instead of bytes.

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Thanks.I got it from your explanation.This step just calculates the size of the cmdline arguments( which follows this line ) in word. –  bornfree Jul 16 '12 at 10:16

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