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In IDA I see:

mov     ecx, [esp+130h+dwProcessId]
push    eax
push    ecx
call    sub_FE13A0
add     esp, 8
test    al, al
jnz     short loc_FE1261

which is currently returning false which causes the program to terminate. Can someone explain what exactly the conditional in the last two lines are?

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I bet the last two instructions compare the return value from sub_FE13A0(...) with 0 and jmp to loc_FE1261 if it's not 0 otherwise continue execution past jnz.

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Your right, I was thinking of it totally wrong. I assumed that the issue was this function, the program is actually terminating in sub_FE13A0, but I assumed it would be in loc_FE1261 which is actually just where the winmain function returns 0. – user768417 Jul 16 '12 at 7:24

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