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I'd like to have a NSManagedObject subclass Food representing food. Now I'd like to have two entities (or lists stored separately), i.e. EatenFood and FoodInTheFridge using core data. Both lists contain the same objects Food but i'd like to have them disjoint and kept separately(so Food can either be eaten of in the fridge).

How can I achieve this using core data?

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Core Data is an optionally persistent object graph, not a database. So the answer is: you do it exactly the same way you'd do it with objects. You have a base entity (Food) with two derived entities (EatenFood and FoodInTheFridge). When you fetch everything in Food, you get both EatenFood and FoodInTheFridge; when you query the specific entities you get only those.

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I read your question differently, here are some alternative ways to model this in case these are closer to what you wanted.

enter image description here

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