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I have created a new clientspec using the command-: p4 client abc; (abc is the name of my cs) Now i want to change the root of this cs. Can somebody please tell that how can i change the root of this clientspec without explicitly modifying the client file.(i.e. by using some command). And is there any option of mentioning the root path while creating or setting the client(through command line)? Please suggest asap.

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Here are some tips:

When creating a client a new client spec, you can seed the Root field by using the -d global option, e.g.:

p4 -d /this/is/the/client/root client NewClientName

You can also pipe the output of 'p4 client -o' to 'p4 client -i' to create or modify a client spec without having to open an editor, e.g.:

p4 -d /this/is/the/client/root client -o NewClientName | p4 client -i

The p4 -d trick won't do anything to replace the Root field in an existing client spec, however. For that, you need an inline filter, something like this:

p4 client -o ExistingClientName | sed -e '/Root:/ s,.*,Root: /new/root/path,' | p4 client -i
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This is perhaps what i was looking for. Thank You –  drastogi Jul 16 '12 at 20:27

This is how your change root of an existing client spec using PowerShell script

$p4ClientSpec = p4 client -o "$env:COMPUTERNAME" 
$p4ClientSpec = $p4ClientSpec -replace '^Root:.+$', "Root: D:\test" 
$p4ClientSpec | p4 client -i
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