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Here's my code:


        'swf'      : 'uploadify/uploadify.swf',
        'uploader' : 'uploadify/uploadify.php',
        'formData' : { 'workId' : $("#zkouska").val() }



    <input type="text" name="zkouska" id="zkouska" />

It doesn't pass anything, because it takes value from #zkouska input only during initialization of uploadify script. But I want to pass input value after I enter it. How am I supposed to do that? Thanks.

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I figured it out by myself.

I read the manual of formData and there was this code that you have to add (but it didn't work):

'onUploadStart' : function(file) {

    $("#file_upload").uploadify("settings", "workId", $("#zkouska").val());


So I searched a little bit a find a thread with this correction:

'onUploadStart' : function(file) {

    $("#file_upload").uploadify("settings", "formData", {"workId": $("#zkouska").val()});


Works fine now.

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