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I am working on project which is in symfony 1.0 I have created result set in action file as follows

$perform = new Criteria();

$perform->addJoin(ProductionPeer::VENUE_ID, VenuePeer::ID, Criteria::LEFT_JOIN);

$this->performRsCnt = ProductionPeer::doCount($perform);

if($this->performRsCnt > 0)
    $this->performRs = ProductionPeer::doSelectRS($perform);

when I print_r($this->performRs) in action itself then it gives desired output

Now the problem is I have created one pratial file which is included in success file and in partial file there is component included within partial file. when I print my action object i.e. $performRs before include code for component then it gives desired output but when i print after include code then it overwrite by last result set which is in component

below is sample code for component

component file code

class defaultComponents extends sfComponents

      public function executeMediaDetail()
           $mediaHardeep = new Criteria();
           $mediaHardeep->addJoin(PhotosConcernsPeer::PHOTOS_ID, PhotosPeer::ID, Criteria::LEFT_JOIN);
           $mediaHardeep->add(PhotosConcernsPeer::REF_ID, $this->ref_id);
           $mediaHardeep->add(PhotosConcernsPeer::TYPE, $this->type);
           $imgRsCntHardeep = PhotosConcernsPeer::doCount($mediaHardeep);

component include code in partial

<?php print_r($performRs);?> //desired output
   <!-- start media section -->
        <?php include_component('default', 'mediaDetail',array('ref_id' => $titleData['ID'], 'type' => 'title','abc123'=>$abcRs));?>
    <!-- end media section -->
   <?php print_r($performRs);?> //gives the output of $imgRsCntHardeep which is in component

I have checked my code multiple times and I assure that code does not contain any type of errors like variable mismatch, passing variable to partial or component, using variable name multiple time. I hope I will find solution from here because I am solving this problem since saturday

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Your code here is not complete - please include the complete code – ManseUK Jul 16 '12 at 9:42
code is very large so I can not show you whole code. Here is sample of that I have checked else things and all is good problem is object overwrite in component.If I comment propel query in component then it gives desired output – Hardeep Pandya Jul 16 '12 at 9:48
the variable must be being overwritten ... your first sample of code looks like it belongs in a Model not an action ... paste your code somewhere else (for example pastebin) and include a link to it here – ManseUK Jul 16 '12 at 9:51
pastebin.com/RLCaJ1gb here is whole code – Hardeep Pandya Jul 16 '12 at 10:12

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