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I have a need to import a CLOB and BLOB objects exported from other DBMS to PostgreSQL. Such LOBs are a separate files whose path references are placed in a CSV file. The structure of table is (id int PK, clobcol text). Here is the example structure:

  • data.csv

  • configuration file: pgloader.conf

    host = localhost
    port = 5432
    base = test
    user = some_user
    pass = 
    log_file            = d:/tmp/pgloader.log
    log_min_messages    = DEBUG
    client_min_messages = WARNING
    lc_messages         = C
    client_encoding = 'utf-8'
    copy_every      = 5
    commit_every    = 5
    #copy_delimiter  = %
    null         = ""
    empty_string = "\ "
    table           = clob_table
    format          = text
    filename        = D:/pgloader-2.3.2/test/data.csv
    field_sep       = |
    quotechar       = "
    columns         = id:1, clobcol:2
    index           = id:1
    blob_columns    = clobcol:2:ifx_clob

For that import I've decided to use PGloader tool (Python script, I'm on Windows BTW). But when I execute:

pgloader.py -c pgloader.conf

I get the error in log file:

Warning: column 'clobcol' is not a valid blob reference: d:/pgloader-2.3.2/test/clob.out
need more than 1 value to unpack

COPY error on lines 1

and the record lands in database in form of: (id: 1, clobcol: 'some_clob.dat'). I have no idea what's wrong and how to correct that. Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you


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Resolved: missing range of CLOB data to copy. E.g:

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