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I have extended the entity framework designer to include my own custom properties. However, when a user adds input in these properties, I would like to validate if the property value is correct in terms of it format, for example, I have a custom entity framework designer property called 'FilterColumns' in which a user has to add a string in the following format, '|By:FirstName(string),Surname(string),Location(string)|'. I have code that will validate that this string is formatted correctly, but I would like to notify a user in design time in the normal Error List in Visual Studio, that they have for example, forgotten to add a comma or that a datatype is not valid. Is there a way to do this. Please assist?

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Wrong approach, I'd say. What if the Error List window isn't even shown? Designers should be interactive, errors they detect should be too. –  Hans Passant Jul 16 '12 at 9:21

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