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I am running the executable application (a WinForms one) and I have faced the need to render several HTML pages (kind of "active" - it consumes the model and produces the HTML code of the whole page).

I am looking to the referencing the MVC or ASP.NET project. What is the best way to use these (or maybe other tools; if so, they what are they?) projects to render raw HTML code from the model and some sort of View Page?

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See the following SO question about hosting ASP.Net in WinForms projects - its entirely doable!

Hosting ASP.NET within my application

In reply to AgentFires comment about doing it without a http host involved (which Im assuming he means a web server), try these two articles from Rick Strahl about hosting the ASP.Net runtime directly.

They are fairly old, but they should get you started.

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Is there any solutions without http hosting involved? –  AgentFire Jul 16 '12 at 9:19

If your are getting a html string back, then you can injec that html code into the browser control

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Is there any solutions without browser involved? I just need the resulting HTML code, no more. To put it into the zip folder. –  AgentFire Jul 16 '12 at 9:20

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