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i have a database with this schema, is it possible to add list of TimeSlots in both Employee and Clinic? if yes, what is the configuration for its mapping.

enter image description here


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No you must have ClientEmployee entity which will contain TimeSlots navigation property. If you want to have TimeSlots in Employee and Clinic entity you can achieve that only through non-mapped property which will access related ClientEmployee:

// This is from Employee or Clinic class
public IEnumerable<TimeSlot> TimeSlots
        // ClientEmployees is mapped navigation property
        return ClientEmployees.SelectMany(ce => ce.TimeSlots);

Do you see the problem? Employee and Clinic can have multiple related ClientEmployees and each ClientEmployee can have multiple TimeSlots - this property will give you all time slots for all related ClientEmployees - if you want only for one you need a method and pass the ClientEmployeeId as parameter:

public IEnumerable<TimeSlot> GetTimeSlots(int id)
    // ClientEmployees is mapped navigation property
    return ClientEmployees.Where(ce => ce.ClientEmployeeId == id)
                          .Select(ce => ce.TimeSlots);
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