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I try to test drag&drop with simple sequince: mousePress + mouseMove + mouseRelease. But it's not work.

I investigate qtest source and found, that move event tested through main dispatcher processEvent(). Also I found some bugs in qt bug-tracker: 1, 2

So, I think, that it's not possible to test drag&drop under latest stable Qt4. Have anybody success story with this?

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I have had no luck simulating drag and drop via the QTest mouse functions, and digia says they're not adding that functionality to QT4. I implemented drag/drop testing via a method similar to the one suggested in the above link:

create your mime_data, something like:

mime_data = widget_model.mimeData(indexes)


mime_data = QMimeData()

then use a function like this to drop the data:

def dropOnto(self, widget, mime_data):
    action = Qt.CopyAction|Qt.MoveAction
    pt = widget.rect().center()
    drag_drop = QDropEvent(pt, action, mime_data, Qt.LeftButton, Qt.NoModifier)
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