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I'm new to object oriented programming in PHP. I included a class and called it, then, inside this class's constructor I'm calling a private function called handleConnections. For some reason, it's giving me a fatal error (undefined function). Any idea why?

The class:

class Test
   function __construct()

   private function handleConnections()
      //do stuff

It seems flawless and yet I'm getting this error. If anyone has any clue what might be wrong, please tell me. Thanks!

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Just expanding on FWH's Answer.

When you create a class and assign it to a variable, from outside the class you would call any function within that class using $variable->function();. But, because you are inside the class, you don't know what the class is being assigned to, so you have to use the $this-> keyword to access any class properties. General rule of thumb, if you would access it like $obj->var, access it with $this->.

class myClass
    function myFunc()
    	echo "Hi";

    function myOtherFunc()


$obj = new myClass;

// You access myFunc() like this outside

// So Access it with $this-> on the inside

// Both will echo "Hi"
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In proper OO languages like Java, from inside a class you can call its methods and fields without using this – Click Upvote Jul 19 '09 at 15:45
Just to add on, this apply to variables as well, and it's a source of hidden bugs. – Extrakun Jul 19 '09 at 16:36

Try with:


If you don't prefix your calls with $this, it's trying to call a global function. $this is mandatory in PHP, even when there can be no ambiguity.

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