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My goal is to provide each of my users a web page that contains a contact form.

The contact form would have one key parameter: the destination address where my user wants to receive all contacts entries.

So the form would look like:




[+hidden parameter: destination email address where to send this contact on submit]

My main concern is to have the emails considered spam because of the technology choice, or even because the system might be abused in some way.

I thought of using Wufoo API, but it doesn't look like I can automatically create a form for each of my users. Formstack API does look more promising (I found a 'create form' method). Also I found a non-official? Google Form API which looks interesting.

Would you know a viable solution to do provide contact form service to users?

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After searching a while it came down to me that what I actually needed was simply an API to send emails, because the form part is simple and doesn't require any API.

All I need is a sendEmail ($source, $destination, $subject, $body) type of API.

For this I found the Amazon Simple Email Service a great solution.

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