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I have list of days (from monday till sunday). When a user selects monday till friday or saturday and sunday I want my app to show it's hyponym (weekdays/weekends).

Does iOS provide some default functionality for this (If i'm not mistaken the iOS Alarm app does the same) or do I have to write this functionality myself?

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Provided that you have a NSArray with the selected days as numbers, named selectedDays, and that 0 and 6 are weekend days:

NSString *name = nil; // Fill this with the default values (concatenate all names of selected days)
bool days[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
for (NSNumber *day in selectedDays)
    int d = [day intValue];
    if (d >= 0 && d <= 6) days[d] = true;

if (   days[0] == true
    && days[1] == false
    && days[2] == false
    && days[3] == false
    && days[4] == false
    && days[5] == false
    && days[6] == true)
    name = @"Weekend";

if (   days[0] == false
    && days[1] == true
    && days[2] == true
    && days[3] == true
    && days[4] == true
    && days[5] == true
    && days[6] == false)
    name = @"Weekdays";
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