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I'm trying to use the google calendar API and I can't properly call the built-in functions. For reference :

$events = $service->events->listEvents('primary');

while(true) {
    foreach ($events->getItems() as $event) {
        echo $event->getSummary();
    $pageToken = $events->getNextPageToken();
    if ($pageToken) {
        $optParams = array('pageToken' => $pageToken);
        $events = $service->events->listEvents('primary', $optParams);
    } else {

This code return a fatal error : Call to a member function getItems() on a non-object I don't understand how to use an object wich is not instanciated by a New().

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You need to add this line into your code

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Add it just before the following line

$service = new apiCalendarService($client);



returns an array but you need an object here

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