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I used WWW::Mechanize for a site extracting application in Perl. I face the same issues where some web sites use Javascript. In my real application there's a <a> tag. The click function of <a> calls a Javascript.

I have this:

<a class="hLinkStyle16"
  onclick="return !checkIfSubmittedForm()"
  href="javascript:Litelogon()">Login with passwords

By using WWW::Mechanize can't we use follow_link() for that? I heard that WWW::mechanize does not support Javascript. I tried to use WWW::Mechanize::Firefox. I don't know how to handle Javascript in the above case.

Thank you.

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With W::M::F, you don't handle JS, the browser does. Call the follow_link method.

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Thank you very much,I got the point what mentioned. I tried to install WWW::Mechanize::Firefox by using 'install WWW::Mechanize::Firefox' in cpan. It was done. But when i use the module in perl says Can't locate WWW/Mechanize/Firefox.pm. I'm facing little bit difficult to understand this issue – Amila Jul 16 '12 at 11:33
For your installation problem, open a new question and provide the whole output/log from that install command in cpan. – daxim Jul 16 '12 at 12:17

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