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I have a Zebra GK420d connect to OS X via CUPS. However, when I send files to it that are written in ZPL or EPL they are only printed in plain text.

Am I required to change to mode on the printer?

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You don't need to specially add a raw queue.

Instead, you can submit raw files into any queue using -o raw switch:

lpr -P CupsPrinterName -o raw path/to/label.zpl

Printer name can be found over that link in CUPS:


This also works on other platforms that use CUPS, like Linux.

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You can create a raw CUPS queue with lpadmin. Here's the command line I used:

lpadmin -p Zebra -E -v usb://Zebra%20Technologies/ZTC%20LP%202824%20Plus?serial=XXXXXX -m raw

You can also set up a raw queue using the CUPS web admin at
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If you don't use a raw socket, CUPS will try to render the text, then print it. –  Ethan Aug 25 '12 at 18:20

I am a PC guy so I don't know CUPS well, but I have used zpl and epl on PC's and found that they really like to get the raw print files. I always do a : filecopy "c:\zplfile.txt" "\computername\printershare" type command. I have used wordpad too, if I just want to do some text. But for labels and barcodes I would see if there is a way for you to send the raw zpl or epl to the printer port. Hope this helps.

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P.S. I have some sample epl raw file at stackoverflow.com/questions/10197991/… if you want to see what the raw file looks like. –  Yosem Jul 16 '12 at 21:28

Thanks. I have looked at it some more. It seems that while using cups you cannot send raw ZPL commands to the printer. Like what I did was create the printer in cups as a socket and started a netcat listener on 9100 and then issued some sort of command to the printer

nc -l localhost 9100

zpl_mine="^XA ~SD10 ^PW 850 ^MM T ^MN W ^JUS ^XZ,";echo $zpl_mine | nc localhost 9100 -w 1

and this does not send the information to the printer, but I have seen on some forums that you have to use some form of language like C to parse the information

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You would need to avoid any filtering. Print using a RAW filter, as configured in the CUPS interface, or by default in your lpadmin statement. You did not state how the printer was connected, but if IP, your destination would most-likely be socket://ip.addr.ess:9100.

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