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i've been working on long-polling system. i use flask + mongokit + celery + gevent.

When process in celery task, is done gevent.event.set() dosen't work. so i want to help to figure it out.(The reason why i use the gevent at the same time with celery, there is huge process to deal with in Notification system)

here is my sample code.

 def doing_task(uid, message):
     notification = Notification() # this is a notification Model
     notification.add(request.args.get('to'), some_notification)

 def main():
     return render_template('main.html')

 def set():
     doing_task.delay(request.args.get('uid'), 'Notify')
     return 'OK'

 def poll():
     uid = request.args.get('uid')
     if is_authorized(uid): #uid 1 is a authorized account
         return Notification().get(uid)

   <button>Click me</button>
   $('button').click(function(e) {
     'url': '/set',
     'data': 'uid=1',
     'success': function(data) {

      var poll = function() {
  return $.ajax({
           'url': '/poll',
           'method': 'get',
           'dataType': 'json',
           'timeout': 10000,
           'success': function(data) { 
             setTimeout(poll, 50);
           'error':function (req,sta,er){
             setTimeout(poll, 3000);
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Now, in Flask 0.9 Flask.app_context is added, With Flask.app_context you can get a context of current.

See Application Context.

For example,

from flask import Flask
from celery import Celery

app = Flask(__name__)
celery = Celery(__name__)

def hello():
    # Also, you are able to deal with current request as use test_request_context 
    with app.app_context():
        print current_app
    with app.test_request_context() as request:
        print('Hello {0!r}'.format(request))
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