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What I need is to simply retrieve a list of categories stored in products:

Products.Select(x => x.Category).Distinct().OrderBy(x => x);

When invoking this RavenDB says that I should use indexes instead cause computations aren't allowed during queries.

I have read a bit about indexes but still can't figure it out howcome I create an index?

What I have tried so far is:


public class DataAccessModule : NinjectModule {
    public override void Load() {
            context => {
               var documentStore = new EmbeddableDocumentStore {
                   DataDirectory = @"~/App_Data/database",
                   UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true,
                   DefaultDatabase = "SampleStore"
               var store = documentStore.Initialize();
               IndexCreation.CreateIndexes(typeof(CategoriesIndex).Assembly, store);
               return store;

        Bind<IDocumentSession>().ToMethod(context => 

Index definition

public class CategoriesIndex : AbstractIndexCreationTask<Product> {
    public CategoriesIndex() {
        Map = ct => ct.Select(x => x.Categories).Distinct().OrderBy(x => x);

But this doesn't work. Howcome I define it the right way?


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You can do this using:

var categories = Session.Query<Product>()
                   .Select(x => x.Category).Distinct().ToList().OrderBy(x=>x);

This will give you what you want.

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