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I need Keyboard events for viewing the next and previous for a larger images. Please help me out. As I am viewing the images if am clicking on the mouse, like this I have to view the images If am clicking on left and right arrow keys too.


<div id="gallery">
    <div id="overlay"></div>    
    <div class="slidePanel">
      <div id="panel">
            <img id="largeImage" src="" />  
    <div class="slideBtn">
         <a href="#" id="next">
<img src="images/left_arrow.png" /></a> 
             <a href="#" id="prev"><img src="images/right_arrow.png" /></a> 
    <div id="close"><a href="#">Close</a></div> 
        <div id="thumbs" align="center">
            <img src="images/image_01_thumb.jpg" alt="1st image description" />
            <img src="images/image_02_thumb.jpg" alt="2nd image description" />
            <img src="images/image_03_thumb.jpg" alt="3rd image description" />
            <img src="images/image_04_thumb.jpg" alt="4th image description" />


function loadSlide(nSlide)
        $('#thumbs img.current').removeClass('current');

        var src = $(nSlide).attr('src').replace('thumb', 'large');
            this.src = src;

    $("#overlay").css({"opacity" : "0.7"})
    $('#close a, #close').fadeIn();
    $('#prev, #next').css('display', 'block');


        var cSlide = $('#thumbs img.current');
        if($(cSlide).next('img').length > 0)
            var nSlide = $(cSlide).next('img');
            var nSlide = $('#thumbs img:first');


        var cSlide = $('#thumbs img.current');  
        if($(cSlide).prev('img').length > 0)
            var nSlide = $(cSlide).prev('img');
            var nSlide = $('#thumbs img:last');


    $('#thumbs img').click(function(){


    $('#close a').click(function(){

        $('#overlay, #panel, #prev, #next, #largeImage').fadeOut('slow');
    $("#thumbs").css('display', 'block');


    $('#thumbs img').click(function(){
    $("#thumbs").css('display', 'none');


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This should suit your needs, just slot it in, or if you need to use the left and right arrow keys elsewhere use $('#gallery') instead of $(document)

$(document).keydown(function (e) {
  if (event.keyCode == 37) {
    $('#next').click(); //on left arrow, click next (since your next is on the left)
  } else if (event.keyCode == 39) {
    $('#prev').click(); //on right arrow, click prev

EDIT: if you need any other keyCodes use this site: http://www.cambiaresearch.com/articles/15/javascript-char-codes-key-codes

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HI Christopher Kenney, its not working can you please say me where to insert your code exactly in my script. –  user1409364 Jul 16 '12 at 10:46
insert it after (or inside) you've called loadslide(), with that said i just tested your code (had to improvise a bit) and you've got an extra end parenthesis '})' which threw an error, otherwise it should work. –  CKKiller Jul 16 '12 at 10:56
as long as your click events for $('#next') and $('#prev') work that is –  CKKiller Jul 16 '12 at 10:57
Hi christopher-kenney: Can u please improve my code. –  user1409364 Jul 18 '12 at 6:54

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