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In fullscreen mode the menubar, left sidebar, and a bottom bar remains. I'm fairly good with its keyboard shortcuts and I'd like to try "distraction-free" programming. Is it possible?

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Press Alt + 0 to show/hide side bar and press Esc key a number of times until bottom bar minimizes.

These shortcuts are not specific to fullscreen mode.

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In the current version of QtCreator (3.5.0), there are options in the Window menu to hide the "mode selector" and left sidebar (which is also toggle-able via Alt+0). The bottom panel can be closed, but it doesn't look like the bar itself can be.

Another way to achieve this is to split the current document panel into a new window, and then fullscreen that panel. (The split screen button is in the top-right corner of the panel -> choose "Open in New Window".) The default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+E, 4, or alternatively you can use Window -> Open in New Window.

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