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Suppose i had a url as below

url = 'https://www.advertise-example.com/ads/2022/presents'

Now i am trying to get the integer value 2022 out from the above url.we can use list slicing here, but the integer value can be increased, so i used regular expressions but couldn't get the exact result, can anyone tell me how to do this

Thanks in advance........

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>>> import re
>>> url = 'https://www.advertise-example.com/ads/2022/presents'
>>> int(re.search(r'\d+', url).group())
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Thank u very much, i am using re.match so getting errors. –  shiva krishna Jul 16 '12 at 11:10
@shivakrishna right since it checks from the beginning :) –  jamylak Jul 16 '12 at 11:11
from urlparse import urlsplit
import re

url = 'https://www.advertise-example.com/ads/2022/presents'
spliturl = urlsplit(url)
int(re.search(r'\d+', spliturl.path).group())

Possibly look at re.findall if you're expecting or want to handle more > 1 digit in the url...

Alternatively, not using re:

digits = [int(el) for el in spliturl.path.split('/') if el.isdigit()]
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Here is a solution without using regex

>>> import itertools
>>> url = 'https://www.advertise-example.com/ads/2022/presents'
>>> int(next(''.join(g) for k, g in itertools.groupby(url, str.isdigit) if k))
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