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I am using vs-android ( to compile c++ projects for the android platform with the ndk.

It all works well except for when compiling code that uses features from the c++0x/c++11 standard such as std::function, nullptr... I'm assuming, or at least hoping, that I can fix that by adding the compiler option -std=c++0x.

I tried adding that in "Additional options" under "Command line" and some errors seemed to go away but not all of them. Including causes problems, types.h complains about uint64_t not existing and many other similar problems.

Does anyone know how to fix this? There is nothing wrong with the code as it compiles perfectly with msvc10 targeting a windows platform. I am using visual studio 2010.


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vs-android now supports gcc 4.6 which has pretty good c++11 support, and if using -std=gnu++0x instead of -std=c++0x the uint64_t type is defined.

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Even if vs-android is using Visual Studio as the IDE, it is still using gcc 4.4.3 as the compiler (which is released 2.5 years ago). For example, according to, nullptr is supported only starting from gcc 4.6, so you can't use it.

I don't know about the uint64_t problem. But you'd better stick with C++03 (or even C) for NDK.

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