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My store sells vinyl stickers. Each product (sticker) has a 144 variations (24 colors, 3 sizes and 2 orientation). Each variation is necessary to assign a unique SKU.

Manually populate catalog is unrealistic. I am going to make a form in which the user specifies the name, description, and the main image of the product, as well as the possible sizes and colors. When processing the form i need to create a product and all of its variations.

How to create a product and its variations?

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Do you need to create an image or just print out possible options? –  Dainis Abols Jul 16 '12 at 11:50

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I had a similar situation, here's what I found out.

Products are actually a custom post type (quite obvious! :P), so you can use wp_insert_post to insert a new product. After you insert, you get the id of the new product post type, use update_post_meta to set a meta key and meta value as _visibility and visible respectively. If you don't set the visibility, your newly added product will never be visible in your shop. Alternatively you can set the visibility from the back end as well. For the various sizes of the product, use variations on that product. You can set a different type, price, SKU etc. for each variation. All these are post meta, hence you can use php code to add the variations and stuff. Study the postmeta table to see the key names.

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Please refer this http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/137501/how-to-add-product-in-woocommerce-with-php-code. Here full code is given. As Avant Garde said Products added in post with post_type = "product".

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