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In one of my application i need to show custom interstitial ad through admob mediation. I am using AdMarvel for getting my custom event interstitial ad. I have a class which creates admarvel interstitial ad and sends it to admob mediation.

In my custom class, i get these delegates called:

- (void)getInterstitialAdSucceeded
  [self.delegate customEventInterstitial:self didReceiveAd:adMarvelView];

After this, i get below delegate method called. In this i am trying to display the interstitial ad like below:

- (void)presentFromRootViewController:(UIViewController *)rootViewController
   [adMarvelView displayInterstitial];

But app is not showing any interstitial ad. Am i missing anything? Kindly let me know.

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Did you end up fixing this? Does showing AdMarvel banner ads work for you with AdMob mediation? – codenamepenryn Mar 18 '14 at 14:58

Yes, You need to add self as rootViewController for adMarvelView. Then this will work.

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