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I am updating a database table using EF.

Its a simple scenario in connected mode.

I get the row I want to update

var order = from o in Orders
        where o.ID = 1
        select o;

I then update the record as:

order.FirstName = "First";
order.LastName = "Last";

It works fine. EF checks if the field has changed and only updates the field if its a new value. I have enabled CDC on my SQL server to check that EF does not rewrite to the database if the value has not changed.

Now I want to put this check in my code for additional logic i.e. I want EF to tell me when the record was updated, and when it was not (because the value has not changed). Can anyone please tell if there is a way?

I do not want to manually check each field as I have a lot of fields to compare.


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Do any of these answers help? stackoverflow.com/questions/2714857/… –  Kane Jul 16 '12 at 12:02
Kane, I tried it. However when I put in this logic var items = ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntries(EntityState.Modified) before SaveChanges I get true, even when the fields are not changed. –  gunnerz Jul 16 '12 at 14:10

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If anybody is interested here is what I did. I created the following method to check if any field has changed before saving changes.

private Dictionary<Type, bool> IsEntityModified()
        Dictionary<Type, bool> entity = new Dictionary<Type, bool>();
        var items = _bentities.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntries(EntityState.Modified);
        foreach (ObjectStateEntry entry in items)
            foreach (string propName in entry.GetModifiedProperties())
                string oldsetterValue, newsetterValue = null;
                //Get orginal value 
                oldsetterValue = entry.OriginalValues[propName].ToString();
                //Get new value 
                newsetterValue = entry.CurrentValues[propName].ToString();

                if (oldsetterValue != newsetterValue)
                    entity.Add(entry.Entity.GetType(), true);
        return entity;
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