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In a page HTML, there are several HTML links whose names contains some sub nodes.

I want to retrieve only one of them; the following:

<a href='foo'>
   <div style="height: 18px;">Garbo</div>

To target it, I want to precise with xpath: "Bring me the link which contains both "Bar" as "Garbo", no matters if they are in separated sub nodes".

I try this one, but after reading some articles about contains function, this line could never work:

//a[contains(text(),"Bar") and contains(text(),"Garbo")]

What fix could I make to fulfill my requirements?

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The selector you need to use is

//a[./*[contains(text(),"Bar")] and ./*[contains(text(),"Garbo")]]
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You may wish to use mizar.dk/XPath/Default.aspx to test the selectors –  JohnC Jul 16 '12 at 12:16


//a[descendant::text()[contains(., 'Bar')] 
    descendant::text()[contains(., 'Garbo')]

This selects any a element that has a descendant (not only a child) text node containing the string "Bar" and a descendant text node containing the string "Garbo" .

This selects the wanted a element even it is the following:

<a href='foo'>
   <div style="height: 18px;"><span>Garbo</span></div>
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