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I have a Sorted set and want to get all members of set. How to identify a max/min score for command :

zrange key min max 


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You're in luck, as zrange does not take scores, but indices. 0 is the first index, and -1 will be interpreted as the last index:

zrange key 0 -1

To get a range by score, you would call zrangebyscore instead -- where -inf and +inf can be used to denote negative and positive infinity, respectively, as Didier Spezia notes in his comment:

zrangebyscore key -inf +inf
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And for zrangebyscore, -inf and +inf can be used for the same purpose. –  Didier Spezia Jul 16 '12 at 13:54
Thanks @DidierSpezia, updated answer! –  Linus Gustav Larsson Thiel Jul 16 '12 at 14:08
Your profile pic is bosslike xD –  Ibrahim Apachi Jan 29 at 8:12

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