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I use this topic because i don't know how to describe my situation, Below is my environment

  1. AppServer: Tomcat 6.0.35
  2. JDK:1.5.0_22
  3. JQuery:1.7.1
  4. LDAP Server:SunONE LDAP 5.2
  5. Database:Oracle 11g
  6. Framework:spring 3.1.0

our application is a LDAP java web management console which deploy on tomcat, we mainly use ajax request to improve user experience, we have so many ajax calls to the app server which connect ldap server and database server.

when we start our application, it works perfect, but after a few hours, some ajax calls failed, after my investigation, only the modification to ldap's request failed on no response, but the query and list function works well, so i do some trys below.

  1. I install a ldap client on the application server, try to use client to modify ldap - success
  2. our application also update the database, i try it , it works.
  3. our application query ldap function works well
  4. we use firebug to trace connection, found the call is hug until time out reached.

So we can give a conclusion

  1. the tomcat response is correct - because query is ok, update database is ok.
  2. jquery ajax seems ok, because except modification, other ajax calls works
  3. ldap is ok, because we can update by client.
  4. all the ajax call is ok, because we can use a few hours util no reponse error occurs

So i am sucks on this problems, please try to help me out.

any suggestion is very appreciated

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Your solutions seems to have many layers involved and will be challenging to troubleshoot at the mile high level, but from the sounds of it - your issue is with the connection to the LDAP server. Are you disposing your connection to the LDAP server after each call? Can you simulate the connection(s) and timings with a subset of your code to help track down the problem? i.e. simulated calls and times to the LDAP server. – anAgent Jul 16 '12 at 13:05
Thanks anAgent, Seems it's not the ldap connection problems, if do have connection problems, why the query is works, but only update not work, and no response is comming from tomcat server(firebug shows), actually the java layer don't receive calls, it hugs on tomcat. no request sending to back-end application. But if tomcat is not work, the same thing, why query is ok... god help – Victor Jul 16 '12 at 13:29

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