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I am trying to add a manifest file to a project with Visual Studio 2010, so as to set the project to be compatible with Windows 7 and to disable the virtualization.

The problem is that in my Visual Studio 2010 there is no option "Application Manifest File" to choose when I want to add a new item.

I can generate a manifest file when building the project, as I set the property in the Linker to do so. But can I modify that file to add the compatibility property to it?

Is there some way to create the manifest file inside the project and then build it? Or can I set the compatibility property from the Properties dialog (manifest tool) itself?

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There's a reference here: Manifest Generation in Visual Studio

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  1. Create the manifest file you want.
  2. Save it somewhere on your computer with a .manifest extension.
  3. Right-click your project in Visual Studio, and select Add > Existing Item...
  4. Browse to the manifest file and open it.
  5. Build your project.
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A method I use is to set the project properties / Manifest Tool / Input & Output / Embed Manifest" setting to "No". Then, in my RC file add this line: CREATEPROCESS_MANIFEST_RESOURCE_ID RT_MANIFEST "MyProject.exe.manifest"

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