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I'm looking for a piece of software that'll allow me to play mp3's from my webserver though a simple web app. support for playlists would be nice ,but non-manditory, though a shuffle function is a must. I can run php, ruby, or python apps on my server, and woudl prefer something free or open source (as long as the price is nominal though i can live with it).

edit: I can use cgi, or flash too

edit2: this is meant for a shared hosting server on bluehost.com

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I have used Schillmania's Soundmanager 2 on one of my own projects. Coming back and looking at it now, the project has been updated and has a couple new interface options that weren't offered when I used it originally.

For a free, open source option, Soundmanager 2 is seriously great.

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i was looking for a full fledged manager, like sockso .. but i'm having a hell of a time getting that to work on a shared hosting server. many thanks though and it'll be useful on another project i;m working on anyway =P –  Jello_Raptor Jul 19 '09 at 18:52

I highly recommend http://opentape.fm/. If you remember Muxtape, you will recognize this and hopefully appreciate the simplicity of it.

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very nice, i'll fall back on this if i can't get a system which'll allow multiple tapes/playlists and things. thank you very much –  Jello_Raptor Jul 19 '09 at 21:08

Might be better off looking at a flash application to do this kind of thing. That does tend to be what sites like last.fm does, with some sort of ajax(?) to preload and play the songs from a web application.

I don't think a straight up web application using xhtml + js + some sort of script language will provide a way to play mp3s in a friendly fashion (embed tag makes me cry)

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a flash app that does the same would be fine, as long as it runs in a browser window and can work in the latest firefox –  Jello_Raptor Jul 19 '09 at 18:39

Try sockso

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http://en.jinzora.com/ worked perfectly for my needs

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