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is there a short formula to get the xth letter of the alphabet?

So if I give parameter '5' to the function, I would get the letter 'e'.


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There is a function CHAR which gives a character with the specified code:

CHAR(96 + 5)

will yield your "e".

But there is no direct way to get a character of the alphabet.

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good enough for me... Thanks! –  Fortega Jul 19 '09 at 18:40
And CHAR(64+n) will get the nth letter in uppercase. –  BBrown Sep 19 at 0:50

There is also another simpler way: CHAR(CODE("A")+TRUNC(RAND()*26)).

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you could use an ascii function since every letter has a numeric value in ascii

Not sure what language your using... in T-SQL you can use an ASCII and CHAR functions:

PRINT CHAR(ASCII('A') + @i) -- where @i is your numeric value

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There is T-SQL in Excel? –  Joey Jul 19 '09 at 18:43

An alternate, although not as short as the CHAR function, is the CHOOSE function


The index number '5' returns the fifth value in the list. The list could be an Excel range of data e.g. (A1:A26).

If the index number is outside the range, #VALUE! is returned

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